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Witnesses / Les Temoins Peliculas Yonkis

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Witnesses (French: Les Temoins) is a French television police procedural drama by Marc Herpoux and Herve Hadmar. It made its debut on Belgian channel La Une on 22 November 2014 and on France 2 on 8 March 2015. It began streaming on Netflix on 1 May 2015. Witnesses is set in a small village on the coast of northern France, where the bodies of murder victims are being unearthed and left for discovery. The former chief-of-police, Paul Maisonneuve (Thierry Lhermitte), is implicated in the murders. Detectives Justin (Jan Hammenecker) and Sandra (Marie Dompnier) are tasked with investigating the case. Set in a small coastal village in France, this is a quiet thriller of crime and dark secrets. The opening sequence takes place in a house just put out for sale. In it, the discovery of what appears to be the dead family in the house, implicates the former chief-of-police to the plot. The now-retired chief-of-police, having made a lot of enemies in his past career, is recovering from a car crash in which his wife was killed and he himself barely survived.

About Witnesses / Les Temoins

Artist : Thierry Lhermitte, Marie Dompnier, Laurent Lucas, Jan Hammenecker, Catherine Mouchet, Roxane Duran, Carine Bouquillon
As : Paul Maisonneuve, Sandra Winckler, Kaz Gorbier, Justin, Maxine Dubreuil, Laura, Philippe
Title : Witnesses / Les Temoins Peliculas Yonkis
Release date : 2014-11-22
Movie Code : 4322508
Duration : 52
Category : Crime, Criminal, Action, Adventure, Tv, Tv Series, Series

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Screen Of Witnesses / Les Temoins

screen Witnesses Les Temoins watch Witnesses Les Temoins poster Witnesses Les Temoins
Witnesses Les Temoins

poster Witnesses Les Temoins

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Comment For Witnesses / Les Temoins Film En Entier

Andrew Sarris Comment Witnesses Les TemoinsName : Andrew Sarris / Alias : New York Observer
Andre Techine's The Witnesses (Les Temoins) treats the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, first in the United States and then spreading to the rest of the world in 1984, as a devastating medical atrocity in a war that is still raging.
Michael Phillips Comment Witnesses Les TemoinsName : Michael Phillips / Alias : Chicago Tribune
Spanning a year beginning in the summer of 1984, The Witnesses offers the considerable satisfaction of a beautifully acted ensemble piece built on the foundation of a serious subject%u2014the dawn of the AIDS crisis%u2014handled just so.
Deborah Young Comment Witnesses Les TemoinsName : Deborah Young / Alias : Variety
A fast-moving, engrossing multiple-character drama that brings the AIDS crisis of the 1980s into laser focus.
Dave Calhoun Comment Witnesses Les TemoinsName : Dave Calhoun / Alias : Time Out
The occasional voiceover from Beart and a slightly mournful score from Philippe Sarde offer some sense of lament, but mostly this unfolds in the moment and is urgent and engaging.
Stephen Holden Comment Witnesses Les TemoinsName : Stephen Holden / Alias : New York Times
The beautifully acted ensemble film The Witnesses sidesteps most of its opportunities for high drama, political sermonizing and the jerking of tears.
David Edelstein Comment Witnesses Les TemoinsName : David Edelstein / Alias : New York Magazine/Vulture
Excitingly convoluted.
Marta Barber Comment Witnesses Les TemoinsName : Marta Barber / Alias : Miami Herald
More than a thriller, the film is a portrait of the passions that drive ordinary people to kill and even worse, to accept the killing as something honorable.
David Wiegand Comment Witnesses Les TemoinsName : David Wiegand / Alias : San Francisco Chronicle
Some may think the metaphoric possibilities of an incurable illness that can be transmitted through sexual contact have been all but exhausted. Director Andre Techine almost proves otherwise in The Witnesses, a kind of film opera without music.
Jan Stuart Comment Witnesses Les TemoinsName : Jan Stuart / Alias : Newsday
Andre Techine's The Witnesses is one of the finest fiction-film accounts of a free yet frightful moment in time, when the relaxing sexual liberties of the previous decade were being squeezed by the onset of an unforgiving new virus.
Wesley Morris Comment Witnesses Les TemoinsName : Wesley Morris / Alias : Boston Globe
Witnesses takes us back to the turmoil in the Balkans. But the movie is not directly about the war. It's a cleverly told murder mystery.
Carina Chocano Comment Witnesses Les TemoinsName : Carina Chocano / Alias : Los Angeles Times
An ambling narrative, but an atmospheric one that feels authentic despite its unlikely character pairings.
V.A. Musetto Comment Witnesses Les TemoinsName : V.A. Musetto / Alias : New York Post
Andre Techine's film features a strong ensemble cast. The film pulls no punches in its depiction of lives in crisis.
John Anderson Comment Witnesses Les TemoinsName : John Anderson / Alias : Washington Post
In The Witnesses, [director] Techine levels his gaze on the '80s, an era of seeming innocence, perhaps license, and one in which biological freedom has led to a loose, even sloppily knit fabric of humanity.
Michael Phillips Comment Witnesses Les TemoinsName : Michael Phillips / Alias : Chicago Tribune
Techine's graceful, forceful drama has the tact not to play narrative games with its subject.
Lisa Schwarzbaum Comment Witnesses Les TemoinsName : Lisa Schwarzbaum / Alias : Entertainment Weekly
What the characters in The Witnesses - and the audience - pay testimony to in Andre Techine's urgent, compassionate, and ultimately optimistic French drama are the toll the epidemic has rung, and the responsibility of the living to choose life.
Roger Ebert Comment Witnesses Les TemoinsName : Roger Ebert / Alias : Chicago Sun-Times
The Witnesses doesn't pay off with a great operatic pinnacle, but it's better that way. Better to show people we care about facing facts they care desperately about, without the consolation of plot mechanics.
Nathan Lee Comment Witnesses Les TemoinsName : Nathan Lee / Alias : Village Voice
Techine's triumph of compassion and craft shames the American cinema's indifference to gay history.
Colin Covert Comment Witnesses Les TemoinsName : Colin Covert / Alias : Minneapolis Star Tribune
Director Andre Techine's story is one of subtle emotional tones that require the most of an actor, and the cast is uniformly compelling.

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