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Ted 2 Full Movie Dutch

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Newlywed couple Ted and Tami-Lynn want to have a baby, but in order to qualify to be a parent, Ted will have to prove he's a person in a court of law.

About Ted 2

Artist : Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane, Amanda Seyfried, Jessica Barth, Giovanni Ribisi, Morgan Freeman, Patrick Warburton, Michael Dorn, Bill Smitrovich, John Slattery, Cocoa Brown, John Carroll Lynch, Ron Canada, Liam Neeson
As : John, Ted, Samantha, Donny, Patrick Meighan, Sam Jones, Rick, Frank, Shep Wild, Joy, Tom Jessup, Judge, Customer
Title : Ted 2 Full Movie Dutch
Release date : 2015-06-26
Movie Code : 2637276
Duration : 115
Category : Comedy, Drama

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Screen Of Ted 2

screen Ted 2 watch Ted 2 poster Ted 2
Ted 2

poster Ted 2

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Comment For Ted 2 Full Movie In English Watch Online

Jacob Hall Comment Ted 2Name : Jacob Hall / Alias : New York Daily News
Once again, you will believe that a talking CGI stuffed animal can be a racist, hateful monster with no redeeming qualities . but his greatest sin is that he's not funny.
Alan Scherstuhl Comment Ted 2Name : Alan Scherstuhl / Alias : Village Voice
Detestable even as it's charming and ingratiating.
Stephen Whitty Comment Ted 2Name : Stephen Whitty / Alias : Newark Star-Ledger
Sure, MacFarlane can write simple jokes as long as the 'f' key on his laptop holds out. Some of them are even funny. But a lot of them don't pay off, and most trod the same well-worn territory - potheads, practical jokes, politically-incorrect cliches.
Stephanie Zacharek Comment Ted 2Name : Stephanie Zacharek / Alias : Village Voice
I laughed and laughed at Ted 2 - as I did at the 2012 Ted - and I can hardly tell you what that says about me, let alone about you.
Mick LaSalle Comment Ted 2Name : Mick LaSalle / Alias : San Francisco Chronicle
MacFarlane is cynical, but he's not a cynic, and there are moments in "Ted 2" where you can sense a longing for the gentler and more upbeat entertainment of an earlier generation.
David Ehrlich Comment Ted 2Name : David Ehrlich / Alias : Time Out
MacFarlane's preference for quantity over quality results in a lot of dead air, but the gags that land are howlers, and all of its crudeness (and racism, and sexism, and homophobia, etc.), the movie beats with a real heart.
Soren Anderson Comment Ted 2Name : Soren Anderson / Alias : Seattle Times
In the midst of comedy, seriousness. The combination feels forced. A more disciplined and smarter director might have been able to successfully blend the two elements, but crude dude MacFarlane hasn't the skill to bring it off.
Cary Darling Comment Ted 2Name : Cary Darling / Alias : Fort Worth Star-Telegram/
The uneven and overly long Ted 2 manages to find moments of uproarious, if raunchy and groan-inducing, humor from today's hot-button headlines. At its best, it's better than Ted 1.0. At its worst, it's like, well, a Seth MacFarlane movie.
Scott Foundas Comment Ted 2Name : Scott Foundas / Alias : Variety
In its own, sweetly subversive way, this might be just the tolerance plea America needs right now - a movie that says, in effect, "Love thy plushie as thyself."
Tony Hicks Comment Ted 2Name : Tony Hicks / Alias : San Jose Mercury News
I didn't want to laugh. I swear. But I did laugh at "Ted 2." A lot.
Frank Scheck Comment Ted 2Name : Frank Scheck / Alias : Hollywood Reporter
Ted's Boston-accented zingers are expertly delivered by the director/star, whose voice talent is undeniable, and Wahlberg again demonstrates that he's skilled at comedy . Seyfried proves adept as well .
Chris Nashawaty Comment Ted 2Name : Chris Nashawaty / Alias : Entertainment Weekly
You realize what it must be like to be trapped in detention with a bunch of 15-year-old boys who think there's nothing more hilarious than repeating the same jokes about porn, pot, and pulling your pud over and over again. It's funny, until it's not.
A.A. Dowd Comment Ted 2Name : A.A. Dowd / Alias : AV Club
The comedy, as expected, is scattershot.
Bill Goodykoontz Comment Ted 2Name : Bill Goodykoontz / Alias : Arizona Republic
The film, like most of MacFarlane's work, is a mix of occasional laugh-out-loud moments - there are some here - and cringe-worthy misfires that play a lot more tone-deaf than he seems to intend.
Lindsey Bahr Comment Ted 2Name : Lindsey Bahr / Alias : Associated Press
In an admirable effort to go a different route, MacFarlane has instead done something hopelessly bizarre: He's given his film too much sincerity and story, and it practically crushes whatever fun does exist.
Dan Callahan Comment Ted 2Name : Dan Callahan / Alias : TheWrap
Bad taste needs to be more honest and more all-inclusive if it's to make a lasting impression, and MacFarlane's bad taste here is both too wishy-washy and too knee-jerk cruel to really make any impact.
Michael Phillips Comment Ted 2Name : Michael Phillips / Alias : Chicago Tribune
I've seen worse comedies this year, and I'll see better.

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