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Kevin Bacon (The Following, HBO's Taking Chance, Mystic River) stars in director Jon Watts' delightful throwback thriller Cop Car. When two good-natured but rebellious young boys (James Freedson-Jackson and Hays Wellford) stumble across an abandoned cop car hidden in a secluded glade they decide to take it for a quick joyride. Their bad decision unleashes the ire of the county sheriff (Kevin Bacon) and leads to brutal consequences. (C) Focus World

About Cop Car

Artist : Kevin Bacon, Shea Whigham, Camryn Manheim, James Freedson-Jackson, Hays Wellford
As : Sheriff Kretzer, Man, Bev, Travis, Harrison
Title : Free ☁Cloud☁ Filmes Cop Car HD
Release date : 2015-08-07
Movie Code : 3813310
Duration : 86
Category : Thriller, Action

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Screen Of Cop Car

screen Cop Car watch Cop Car poster Cop Car
Cop Car

poster Cop Car

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Comment For Cop Car Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed

Manohla Dargis Comment Cop CarName : Manohla Dargis / Alias : New York Times
Part of what makes "Cop Car" such easy viewing is that it doesn't ask much of you narratively or ethically.
Peter Keough Comment Cop CarName : Peter Keough / Alias : Boston Globe
With his sense of black humor and with a coldly calculating view of a world determined by intransigent laws of physics, Watts recalls the Coen brothers of "Blood Simple."
Alan Scherstuhl Comment Cop CarName : Alan Scherstuhl / Alias : Village Voice
The film soars early as a fantasy steeped in life and crashes into a drag of a crime drama, one ripped from the movies rather than anyone's idea of small-town Colorado.
Robert Abele Comment Cop CarName : Robert Abele / Alias : Los Angeles Times
There's no denying Watts' skill at a certain kind of desolate cat and mouse, but it's in the service of what is ultimately a somewhat heartless exercise.
Jordan Hoffman Comment Cop CarName : Jordan Hoffman / Alias : New York Daily News
Despite the real, bloody stakes, "Cop Car" keeps a boyish sense of action and adventure through to a twist ending. You have a right to remain thrilled.
Bill Goodykoontz Comment Cop CarName : Bill Goodykoontz / Alias : Arizona Republic
Bacon can play just about anything, and he's having a good time here as a guy not quite smart enough to keep himself out of trouble, but wily enough to try to dig himself out of it. It's fun to watch.
Moira MacDonald Comment Cop CarName : Moira MacDonald / Alias : Seattle Times
"Cop Car" has two kids at its center, but don't mistake this taut, wicked little thriller for a children's film.
Peter Debruge Comment Cop CarName : Peter Debruge / Alias : Variety
B-movie gold.
Mike D'Angelo Comment Cop CarName : Mike D'Angelo / Alias : AV Club
Watts demonstrates a sadistic patience that's refreshing, especially compared to the usual blockbuster breathlessness.
Kyle Smith Comment Cop CarName : Kyle Smith / Alias : New York Post
Scenes that should take 30 seconds take three minutes. Writer-director Jon Watts does successfully channel childhood, though: He's like a kid short of ideas who triple-spaces his book report.
Chris Nashawaty Comment Cop CarName : Chris Nashawaty / Alias : Entertainment Weekly
Cop Car feels like a great short stretched into a mediocre feature.
Todd McCarthy Comment Cop CarName : Todd McCarthy / Alias : Hollywood Reporter
A potentially fun premise soon turns into no fun at all in Cop Car, a seriously imagination-challenged low-end action thriller.
Bilge Ebiri Comment Cop CarName : Bilge Ebiri / Alias : New York Magazine/Vulture
There's something mythic about the story unfolding before us, but the film avoids self-importance.
Stephen Whitty Comment Cop CarName : Stephen Whitty / Alias : Newark Star-Ledger
What feels like an accidental mashup of two great pop styles - "Stand By the Killer Inside Me" - soon turns into a nice, grim little entertainment all its own.
Richard Roeper Comment Cop CarName : Richard Roeper / Alias : Chicago Sun-Times
[Cop Car features] the most evil monologue of the year. Perfectly, horribly, fantastically chilling.
Michael O'Sullivan Comment Cop CarName : Michael O'Sullivan / Alias : Washington Post
"Cop Car" builds up a nice, suspenseful head of steam, mixing dark comedy and true creepiness in such a way that one mood never overwhelms the other.
Wesley Morris Comment Cop CarName : Wesley Morris / Alias : Grantland
As a woodland lark that darkens into a road thriller, this movie more or less works. It's simultaneously preposterous and smart.

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